Leather Parkas & Coats - 1
Full size images of all items shown here, are available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fashionparkas2/
in the photos section in folder called Leather Parkas

Hooded Flying Jacket
Branded Leather Hooded Flying Jacket
OL Sheepskin Coat
Leather Ranch Hooded Jacket
Christia Fur Lined Coat
Diamond Quilted Jacket
Leather / Fur Reversible Hooded Jacket
Mink lined Hooded 3/4 Coat
Rear View Buckskin Jacket
60's Style Hooded Coat
Blue Fringed Fox Hooded Jacket
Long Hooded Coat

Jacket & Pants
Shiny brown parka
Fur Hooded Jacket
Fringed Jacket - back
3/4 Jacket & Pants
Cropped Hooded Jacket
60's style long coat
Brow fur jacket
Unusual quilted coat
Down & fur leather jacket
Tan jacket - back
60's style coat
Parka & Pants
Joy leather Parka
Jukka white coat
Black Anorak back
Lady with hood
Leather jacket
Ostrich Leather Fur
Quilted Leather Jacket
Reversible leather jacket
Fur trim coat
White leather parka
Mink hooded coat
Brown quilted parka
Tan fur jacket
Beige leather jacket
Heavy quilted jacket

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