The name of this parka design is: Pull over head type

 It is suitable for unisex : Unisex

The length of the parka is: calf

The outer shell material is: DryMax

The shell fabric colour is: black

The reinforcement material used is: Drilon

The reinforcement material colour is: non-chosen

The lining material used is: Polyester brushed tricot knit

The lining colour is: black

The parka is Insulated with: Polyester

The construction method used is: Double Stitch-Through

The outer appearance of the parka is: Flat Panel

From shoulder to hem the back of the parka has x panels: 5

The inner appearance of the parka is : Flat Panel

The Reinforcement patches are located at: non-chosen

Back Drawcord Waist Adjustment : checkbox

Back Plain Hem & Waist : checkbox

 Plain Sleeve: checkbox

sleeve Underarm Ventilation : checkbox

sleevecuff-zip: checkbox

hood-attach- Permanently : checkbox

hood-fit- Close Snug fitting : checkbox

hood-close-drawstring: checkbox

hood-adjust-Drawstring or Shockcord around face : checkbox

hood-adjust-2 Rear Volume Adjusters : checkbox

hood-ofeat- Chin Protector : checkbox

front-zip: checkbox

front- Single Storm Flap : checkbox

collar-none: checkbox

pocket-waist pouch: checkbox

pocketchestclose-flap stud zip: checkbox

pockets insulated-yes: checkbox

pocketstormflap-yes: checkbox

yourparkafeatures: I prefer pull over parkas (anoraks) with an almost complete face protection, except an eyeslit.

The frontzip must reach above the nose, where it can be secured by the hood cord.

yourname: Anorakman

Address1: The Netherlands

Address2: Friesland

no-your parkas: 8

your favorite parka: Not only parkas, as well pull over anoraks with adjustable hoods, all with frontzips which covering mouth and nose.
So just a very small eyeslit will be left if properly knotted with the hood cords.
It's a reall turn on for me  to 'mask' my self in the hoods, in and outdoors!

My parkas are made from different materials, suchs as nylon, popline, double texture, black rubber and PVC.
The Pvc anoraks have a large faceflap, which can be fixed with press buttons just under my eyes.