The name of this parka design is: Extreme coat

 It is suitable for unisex : Unisex

The length of the parka is: ankle

The outer shell material is: IllumiNite

The shell fabric colour is: brick

The reinforcement material used is: Drilon

The reinforcement material colour is: red

The lining material used is: Polyester brushed tricot knit

The lining colour is: red

The parka is Insulated with: 400 minimum fill power goose down

The construction method used is: Double Stitch-Through

The outer appearance of the parka is: Flat Panel

From shoulder to hem the back of the parka has x panels: 15

The inner appearance of the parka is : Flat Panel

The Reinforcement patches are located at: None

Back Elasticated Waist :  checkbox

Back Drawcord Waist Adjustment : checkbox

Back Elasticated Hem : checkbox

back Shockcord Hem Adjustment : checkbox

 Articulated Shoulder Movement<: checkbox

 Mitten attachment rings on sleeves: checkbox

sleevecuff-  Extension - Thumb Hole : checkbox

sleevecuff-rauched: checkbox

hood-attach- Permanently : checkbox

hood-fit- Loose fitting : checkbox

hood-close- continuation of front fastening : checkbox

hood-shape- snorkel: checkbox

hood-adjust-Drawstring or Shockcord around face : checkbox

hood-adjust- Drawstring or Shockcord around neck : checkbox

hood-adjust-2 Rear Volume Adjusters : checkbox

hood-adjust- Elasticated around face : checkbox

front-full length-zip: checkbox

front-2 way-zip: checkbox

front-zip: checkbox

front-button: checkbox

front- Double Storm Flap : checkbox

front-inner flap-yes: checkbox

front-flaps insulated-yes: checkbox

collar- Loose Fitting : checkbox

collar-high: checkbox

pocket- Angled Slash Cut Chest Pocket : checkbox

pocket- Angled Slash Cut Waist Pocket : checkbox

pocketchestclose-velcro Double Storm flap zip: checkbox

pocketwaistclose-velcro Double Storm flap zip: checkbox

pockets insulated-yes: checkbox

pockets fleece-no: checkbox

inner powder storm skirt-yes: checkbox

inner zip chest pockets-yes: checkbox

other-bartack-reinforce-yes: checkbox

other-zipperpulls-yes: checkbox

yourparkafeatures: The coat has a down fill of at least 4"/10cm, even the snorkel hood. 
The coat has two pairs of 2-way zippers in the side. They go parallel from the hem through 
the armpit to the end of the rauched cuff. The thumb cuff is placed inside the sleeve as 
with the inner knit cuff. The actual end of the sleeve is a rauched cuff that can be close 
with a zip to convert the cuff into a glove. The zip of the cuff can also be zipped onto the 
zip of the pockets. At the upper part of the cuff an other two pairs of 2-way zips starts, 
they run parallel over the sholders through the neck. In the neck the front-side pair 
follow the front of the head silhouette and go the top of the hood where they meet the other 
pair zipper from the other side. The second pairs of zippers follow a path at the back side 
of the head silhouette and also ends at the top of the hood where they meet there counterparts 
from the other side. The front of the coat has two 2-way zippers, one at the linin!
g/inner side of the layers of down and it go from hem to the top of the 4"/10cm high collar. 
The second zipper is at the shell/outer side of the laysers of down and go from the hem 
through the neck, the bottom of the 10"/25 cm long snorkel and go the up to the top of the 
snorkel. The hood has an inner drawstring to fit the hood around the face and it has an other 
drawstring at the end of the snorkel to close the snorkel. The hem has also a zip to close 
the bottom of the coat and convert it into a sleeping bag. Every end (and start in case of a 
2-way zip) has a small Steel D-ring to lock the zip pull tags with a padlock (to prevent 
the zips from blowing open in case of heavy winds ;-) ). Behind the side zippers that are 
normaly close are drawstring hidden. Every seem between two bubbles  contains a 
drawstring. The front-side side zip hides the drawstrings that goes behind the back 
to the other side. The back-side side zip hides the drawstring that goes to the front, 
they end be!
hind the outer front zip in a small steel D-ring the other side end in a hook and attachs 
in the D-ring from the other side. The side zips can be used to zip two coats together. 
That way it's possible to create a two persons sleeping bag. Or to make it more cosy/intimate. 
It's not even necessary to open one of the front zippers (in case of heavy cold). The two pairs 
are needed for zipping  the coats together face to face or face to back. There is a zip in the 
front and back of the coat at crotch height. (When it's cold you don't need to open the coat to 
do what you have to do). The height of the coat from sholder to hem is 6ft./1.83m. To make it 
possible that people who are smaller then 7ft/2.24m wear the coat there 2 zippers at the inside 
of the coat. The zippers in the hem can be zipped onto one of the inner zips to adjust the length. 
That way people of 6ft./1.83m or 5ft.5"/1.6m can wear the coat without dregging the coat 
on the ground. The inner zips are hidden behind a dow!
n filled flaps that close with snap buttons, this prevents the zip from rubbing to the skin when 
the coat is used as a sleeping bag.

yourname: Downnylonjacket

no-your parkas: 6

your favorite parka: Every soft bulky down filled nylon vest/jacket/parka/coat/sleeping bag/...