The name of this parka design is: ParkaBoy

 It is more suitable for a man : Male

The length of the parka is: knee

The outer shell material is: Versatech

The shell fabric colour is: black

The reinforcement material used is: Nylon supplex taslan

The reinforcement material colour is: red

The lining material used is: Nylon taffeta

The lining colour is: mango

The parka is Insulated with: Polyester

The construction method used is: Box Wall

The outer appearance of the parka is: Plain Shell

From shoulder to hem the back of the parka has x panels: 5

The inner appearance of the parka is : Plain Shell

The Reinforcement patches are located at: None

back-droptail:  checkbox

Back Elasticated Waist :  checkbox

 Articulated Shoulder Movement<: checkbox

sleeve Accessory pocket: checkbox

 Mitten attachment rings on sleeves: checkbox

sleevecuff- Button Flap : checkbox

hood-attach- Permanently : checkbox

hood-fit- Close Snug fitting : checkbox

hood-close-drawstring: checkbox

hood-shape- Extreme Cold - No Flaps : checkbox

hood-adjust- Rear Volume Adjuster : checkbox

hood-ofeat- Inner Fur Ruff : checkbox

front-full length-zip: checkbox

front-zip: checkbox

front- Double Storm Flap : checkbox

front-inner flap-yes: checkbox

collar-none: checkbox

pocket- Cargo Chest Pocket : checkbox

no-your parkas: 7