The name of this parka design is: Ultima Parka

 It is suitable for unisex : Unisex

The length of the parka is: thigh

The outer shell material is: Polyester 3-ply taslan 2-ply Gore-Tex

The shell fabric colour is: brick

The reinforcement material used is: Polyester oxford 2-layer Gore-Tex

The reinforcement material colour is: black

The lining material used is: Nylon taffeta

The lining colour is: black

The parka is Insulated with: Double Layer 650 goose down / Primaloft

The construction method used is: Double Box Wall

The outer appearance of the parka is: Plain Shell

The inner appearance of the parka is : Plain Shell

The Reinforcement patches are located at:  Sholders and Elbows and cuffs

Back Drawcord Waist Adjustment : checkbox

back Shockcord Hem Adjustment : checkbox

 Articulated Elbows: checkbox

 Articulated Shoulder Movement<: checkbox

sleeve Accessory pocket: checkbox

 Mitten attachment rings on sleeves: checkbox

sleevecuff- Velcro Adjustable : checkbox

sleevecuff-inner knitted: checkbox

hood-attach- Permanently : checkbox

hood-fit- Close Snug fitting : checkbox

hood-close-drawstring: checkbox

hood-shape- snorkel: checkbox

hood-adjust-Drawstring or Shockcord around face : checkbox

hood-adjust-2 Rear Volume Adjusters : checkbox

hood-ofeat- Chin Protector : checkbox

hood-ofeat- Polar Fleece Lined: checkbox

hood-ofeat- Inner Fur Ruff : checkbox

front-2 way-zip: checkbox

front-zip: checkbox

front-stud: checkbox

front-velcro: checkbox

front- Double Storm Flap : checkbox

front-inner flap-yes: checkbox

front-flaps insulated-yes: checkbox

collar-high: checkbox

pocket- Angled Slash Cut Chest Pocket : checkbox

pocket-waist cargo Handwarmer : checkbox

pocket chest close-flap stud: checkbox

pocketwaistclose-velcro Double Storm flap zip: checkbox

pockets insulated-yes: checkbox

pockets fleece-yes: checkbox

inner powder storm skirt-yes: checkbox

inner zip chest pockets-yes: checkbox

other-tapedseams-yes: checkbox

other-bartack-reinforce-yes: checkbox

other-zipperpulls-yes: checkbox

yourparkafeatures: The down and primaloft insulation of this parka is arranged with the down in a boxwall insulation pattern. The primaloft layer, closest to the wearer, uses a shingle pattern arrangement.  The insulation is approximately 3 inches thick in the body and hood of the parka. The sleeves which extend half way over the hands, are insulated with a 2 inch layer, using the same type of layering system as in the body and hood of the parka.

The parka is closed with two separate dual separating zippers. The inner zipper has a inner storm flap, insulated, and zips from almost the bottom of the parka up through the high insulated snuf fitting collar. It is covered by an outer, lightly insulated, 2 inch wide storm flap secured by black velcro. The outer zipper starts 2 inches lower than the inner zipper and closes the entire parka, extending through closing the deep snorkel hood. The outer zipper has a small inner storm flap that merely lays over the inner zipper. It becomes wider as the outer zipper is closed through the snorkel hood and protects against irratation. It is thickly insulated in the snorkel section. An outer insulated storm flap goes over outer zipper and is secured with 8 heavy duty snaps. Inbetween the snaps the storm flap is secured with strips of black velcro.

The deep snorkel hood, 7 inchs, is secured with a dual drawcord system.  The drawcord near to the face pulls the snorkel hood and inner fax fur fuff close to the head and face. The other drawcord is located at the outer edge of snorkel hood and closes the opening of the snorkel. The outer edge of the snorkel has a thick real fur ruff that extends 2 inches along the outside as well as inside of the hood.

yourname: Harry

no-your parkas: 4

your favorite parka: The Ultima Parka. 

This parka has been a long term project that has progressed over time. The parka is unbelivably warm. The inner lining and puffy down, primaloft layers are cut differently from the outer waterproof layer. Thus the insulation conforms to my body size and shape making the parka a super insulater. 

The similarly cut high collar, almost 4 inches, fits snugly but still allows the wearing of a thick high turtelneck sweater under the parka if I choose.

The deep snorkel hood closes relately tightly when zippered. To throw back the hood requires the snorkel section to be unzipped since the snorkel opening is too small for me to pull my head through. With the snorkel hood so deep, I have found that the hood can be partly unzipped and pulled back thus varing the amount of protection desired.

I have made a matching set of bib pants that complements the above parka. The bib pants is similarly insulated with the bib and back sections of the pants extending high into the chest and back. The pants are secured with a front zipper and storm flap inner and outer insulated. Insulated shoulder straps hold the bib pants up and are closed with plastic buckels. Each leg of the bib pants has a dual opening side zipper that have inner and outer insulated storm flaps. The bottom of the bib pants have elastic storm skirts that prevent snow etc. from comming up the pants legs. The outer storm flap is secured with inch wide black velcro and at the ankle the pants is secured with dual heavy duty snaps.

The only negatives I have found with this Parka - Bib is with all these features the parka and bib are relately heavy and bulky. 

However I have found the warmth and comfort cannot be beat. The features of the parka allows me to adjust the insulating capabiliites to fit the needs of the situation. With the complementry bib pants the combo is good to far below zero and has servered me well on many an occasion. When other folks are complaining about how cold it is, my combo lets me be as warm as toast.

PS:  No pictures. I don't have a digital camera. Maybe in the future.