The name of this parka design is: Parka Namemickos

 It is more suitable for a man : Male

The length of the parka is: thigh

The outer shell material is: SealSkin

The shell fabric colour is: black

The reinforcement material used is: Spandura

The reinforcement material colour is: black

The lining material used is: Nylon taffeta

The lining colour is: black

The parka is Insulated with: Thinsulate

The construction method used is: Stitch-Through or Quilted

The outer appearance of the parka is: Mini Diamond Panel

From shoulder to hem the back of the parka has x panels: 5

The inner appearance of the parka is : Diamond Quilt

The Reinforcement patches are located at: None

Back Elasticated Hem : checkbox

 Articulated Shoulder Movement<: checkbox

sleevecuff-knitted: checkbox

hood-attach- Permanently : checkbox

hood-fit- Loose fitting : checkbox

hood-close-drawstring: checkbox

hood-shape-shaped: checkbox

hood-adjust-Drawstring or Shockcord around face : checkbox

hood-ofeat- Inner Fur Ruff : checkbox

front-full length-zip: checkbox

front-zip: checkbox

front-no additional protection: checkbox

front-inner flap-no: checkbox

collar-none: checkbox

pocket- Angled Slash Cut Waist Pocket : checkbox

pocketwaistclose-flap stud zip: checkbox

pockets insulated-no: checkbox

yourname: mick barrett

Address1: herts 

Address2: england.

no-your parkas: 20+

your favorite parka: i love them all, but especially the leather quilted withattached hood and fox fur trim. also like polyurethane in similar disign, very shiny. have in dark blue and black. have also several coney fur and fox fur hooded coats and jackets. nice to find someone on a similar wavelength!!!!