Military Insulated Suits - All Countries
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USAF Issue Arctic Survival Suit
1960 dated USAF Arctic Survival Suit. 100% Goose Down. Set includes: Long Parka, Mittons with optional trigger finger, Booties, or sleeping bag attachment. Made by Gerry Mountain Sports. See Inside Label
USAF Issue Arctic Survival Suit
Another version of the survival suit issued in the 1960's to USAF aircrews.
Russian Cosmonaut Down Suit
This down suit was worn by Soviet cosmonauts after they had landed in Siberia to protect them from the extreme cold.
Current Soviet VMSK-4 Flight Suit
The suit has a rubberized internal lining that is dated 1992 (after the breakup of the USSR ). This is a one piece suit complete with the built-in boots and the well-insulated hood.
Artic survival suit
Soviet VMSK-4 Flight Suit

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