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Transportation Overview
In all there are 43 airport / airfields in Ireland with accessability as follows:
  • Dublin & Shannon Airports: Any size aircraft - worldwide
  • Cork Airport: Limited access to the largest jets ie. (747's, 777's) - Mainly European
  • Knock (Mayo) Airport: Any size aircraft - Limited number of flights
  • Kerry, Galway & Waterford Airports: 737's and smaller - Mainly UK and Dublin transfer flights
  • Remainder are mostly private airfields

There are 3 main 'passenger' ports:

  • Dublin / Dun Laoghaire: Ferries to / from UK
  • Rosslare: UK & France
  • Cork: UK & France

Most large towns and cities are served by rail, however the rail system is built "radiating" from Dublin, so while it is easy to get direct services i.e. to Cork or Galway from Dublin, there is no direct rail link between Cork and Galway. Planning your rail journeys is advised.

Ireland has a population similar to a medium sized city, so don't expect major motorways linking towns and cities. A major road building project funded by the EU, is building a 2 lane motorway system between Dublin & Cork, Dublin & Galway, Dublin & Limerick and Dublin & Belfast. This is well under way. Major roads are generally a wide single lane carrigeway with hard shoulder. These are recognised on maps by the "N" notation for national primary route. We recommend calculating your journeys on the basis of an average speed of 45 mph (70 kph).

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