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RTE (Radio Telefis Eireann) is Ireland's only television company which broadcasts 3 channels and a teletext service Aertel.The main channels RTE1 and Network2 transmit for approx. 16 hours per day.

RTE1 carries the main news programmes which can be seen at 18:00 and 21:00 hours.

Both RTE1 & Network2 carry a wide range of programmes, many of which are produced in Ireland. Of these the most popular are The Late Late Show (Friday 21:30), Kenny Live (Saturday 21:30), Glenroe (Thursday 19:25).

Along the East coast, British land based TV channels can be seen such as BBC, UTV, Channel 4. These are also available throughout most of the country via cable operators and local community "re-beaming" transmitters. Satellite TV is widely available with the predominant broadcaster being SKY. American channels such as TNT and CNN can be seen on satellite.

There is also an all Irish TV channel available called TnaG.

The main national radio stations are provided by RTE with RTE Radio 1 on 97.6 - 99.8 MHz,
2FM on 88 - 90.2 MHz,
RTE Radio 3 on 90.2 - 92.4 MHz
and Radio Cork on 89MHz.

There are numerous local radio stations such as FM104 (Dublin),
Classic Hits 98FM (Dublin),
96 & 103FM (Cork).

The main National Daily Newspapers are:

The Irish Times, The Independant and the Examiner.

There are numerous regional and local newspapers which are also published daily or weekly such as:

Limerick Post,
Limerick Leader,
Irish News Global Edition,
Clare Champion,
Galway Advertiser.

There are also many area guides such as:

In Dublin,
In Cork,
Dublin Event Guide.

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