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Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoyed it and sampled just a little of what Ireland has to offer. There is a very considerable amount of work yet to be acomplished before this site is fully functional and we would be grateful if you would let us have your comments on what you have seen or any ideas on how we can inprove the site further.

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Dominic Murnane
Foundation Marketing

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" This extremely comprehensive site has a wealth of data on counties Cork and Kerry. Visitors can select an area within the region on an imagemap, and get information on everything from a downloadable map to golfing and other sports. In total over 1,000 pubs, 510 restaurants and 7,500 rooms for let are listed. We tried Lee Valley, and got 107 pubs (arranged by local area), 52 restaurants and 615 rooms for let." ie Magazine - July/Aug '96

"Hello! I saw your site on What's New Too, very nice!" Ryan NetCreations

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your site. Craig Evans

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