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The timeless mystery and beauty of Ireland has been waiting for you for 5,000 years. She is an indescribable and unforgettable land, only by visiting the country can the truth be experienced. The delicate fragrance of fresh air, the lakes, forests, rolling green hills and the beauty of the mountains, the endless stretch of golden beaches.

Everything you desire can be found in Ireland.

You will be greeted by the words "Cead Mile Failte" that denotes such gentle respect and welcome. Indulge in comfortable majestic hotels where every whim will be gratified or homely B&B guesthouses. . . . savour the bustle of the colourful country markets, watch the street entertainers and musicians that appear in your path.

Every experience in Ireland is new and different, and the unexpected often happens, age-old cultures, fascinating gaelic language and every type of scenery that could be desired. Buy wonderful momentoes and presents from the myriad of craftshops in Ireland - the best of crystal and glassware, the beautifully intricate hand knitted aran sweaters, and much more . . . .

Absorb the atmosphere of peace by sitting quietly in some of our beautiful churches or on a high pasture surrounded by nothing but the view and a gentle breeze on your face. All this is your choice and much more. Only you can experience it. The people you will meet are gracious and hospitable. They will welcome you. All you have to do is arrive, and your adventure will start. There are so many choices, choose the Ireland you love . . .


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